18 September 2006

Ex-UK Intel Official says Liquid Explosive Claims "Fiction"

This is the exclusive story that the entire British media establishment ignored. It's a story that almost every major newspaper was offered, but didn't want to print. It's the story of how the British and American governments, for all intents and purposes, invented a terror threat in August 2006, to trigger a climate of fear and paranoia convenient for the legitimization of a political agenda of intensifying social control at home, and escalating military repression in the Middle East. And in so doing, they diverted the attention of the police and intelligence services toward a phantom, and away from a very real threat that remains intact, and that the government refuses to deal with.

But it's not just the British media's cowardice at fault. The media has been subject to a government D-Notice, one of those "advisory" instructions suggesting politely to editors that they avoid any information that might, purportedly, prejudice the trial of the alleged terrorists detained in August. This has fatally skewered all reporting on the terror plot in favour of the government's line, a prejudicial situation that seems of little concern to the authorities.

That's why you won't be reading this story in the mainstream British or American press. But thankfully, we still have a few courageous journalists and editors out there on the cutting edge of investigative reporting, who know an important story when they see it. It's taken about a month to do the research, interviews, writing up, and finding a home, for this exclusive report. I'm grateful that the report has been headlined in the United States by The Raw Story, the highly respected investigative news site responsible for breaking dozens of major stories before they were picked up by the mainstream, including the Valerie Plame case vis-a-vis Iran, Iraq pre-war intelligence, and so on. Indeed, their reporting is "referenced by the New York Times, the Guardian, L.A. Weekly, the New York Post, the Toronto Star, The Hill, Roll Call, The Advocate and Hustler" -- and they get about half a million unique hits a day.

Here in the UK, the New Criminologist (Vol. 6, No. 2, Summer 2006) has published the piece, which is great, as this is one of the oldest professional criminology journals published by and for experts in the field. However, the full article on their website is only available to paid subscribers -- but Raw Story have the whole thing at theirs.

And finally, The Muslim News, a British monthly newspaper that has been praised by the likes of Prime Minister Tony Blair, ex-Home Secretary Jack Straw, among others, is printing an abridged version of the story on 29th September 2006.

I can only request you, in this context, to do the following. Do a chain-mail job on this one: Forward the link to all your friends; and ask them to forward it to all their friends, with the same request; and to keep it going until it gets all over the world. Perhaps we might be able to get this story, which fundamentally undermines the government's claims, to break into mainstream consciousness without mainstream support. Thanks for your help.



  2. There's another reason why the August terror plot is not feasible, given the melting point of the explosive substances mentioned :

    TATP (triacetone triperoxide) has a melting point on 91 degrees celsius,
    so it's impossible to store it in a regular softdrink bottle in liquid
    form, just as HMTD which was also mentioned (melting point 75 degrees
    celsius) in other articles ?

    [b]Acetone peroxide (triacetone triperoxide, peroxyacetone, TATP, TCAP)[/b]

    [b]Hexamethylene triperoxide diamine (HMTD)[/b]

  3. Nafeez, where did the story about the liquid explosives being TATP and being manufactured on board come from?

    On the day this story broke I wrote a comment to your blog about bojinka and expressing doubt of future convictions. Since then I have followed the story and haven't heard much about the technical aspects.

    Nobody seriously suggested that they were planning on mixing up explosives on board or that they were peroxide based. Or did they? This was just (unhelpful) media speculation.

    I can't remember if I read or just assumed that it concerned pre-made nitroglycerin a la Ramzi...

  4. a nice little piece on this in The Telegraph:


    How terrorists could have made a 'liquid bomb'
    By Nic Fleming
    (Filed: 10/08/2006)

    Terror plot 'to blow up planes' thwarted

    Terrorists involved in the suspected plot could have been planning to combine explosive ingredients disguised as common, everyday items such as mineral water, fizzy drinks and sugar.

    Measures introduced at UK airports included specific restrictions on taking liquids on board, prompting speculation that evidence had been uncovered of a plot to smuggle liquid explosive devices onto flights.

    Passengers travelling with infants were being asked to taste baby milk they intended to carry on their journey in front of security staff.

    Andy Oppenheimer, editor of Jane's Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence Directory, said: "There are a lot of homemade mixtures you can concoct from some very common materials that are innocent in themselves.

    "We are talking about common, everyday chemicals that are used in perfumes, cosmetics, drain cleaner, batteries, or could for example be stolen from school labs.

    "These materials are easy to obtain and hard to detect, and could be smuggled in small amounts in small containers because it doesn't take much to blow an aircraft up."

    Mr Oppenheimer added that the ingredients would have to be mixed together in the correct proportions and that the resulting mixture would be very unstable and sensitive to shock or heat.


  5. Several days ago now I posted on this very blog my comments about the implausibility of mixing up TATP explosives from fizzy drinks, nail-varnish and so forth in the toilets of a plane on an eight hour flight. Do read page 13 of this information available from the Israel institute of Technology, and judge for yourselves:


    It is very interesting that now explosive 'experts' are also coming out with the same comments concerning the major flaw in this latest nonsensical 'liquid bombs' terrorists scare, designed purely, for political purposes, to keep the unthinking populace in a state of fear.

    I recently travelled to Spain for a few days holiday - major restrictions on hand-luggage going onto the plane from the UK, no restrictions whatsoever coming back through the Spanish airport.

    Perhaps the rest of the world has cottoned on to the fact that this latest 'terrorist plot' is merely a continuation of Bush's and Blair's fictitious "war on terror"!!!

  6. Somewhere along the line, an non-expert briefed a journalist about the suspicion that (liquid) binary explosives (either commercial or home-made) were to be smuggled on board in sports drinks.

    The journalist asked the non-expert about home-made binary explosives and was told the usual line about synthesising the components from common house-hold chemicals and cleaning products.


    The journalist came away thinking that the house-hold chemicals and cleaning products were to be mixed on the plane, when in fact you would need laboratory glassware and considerable time to manufacture the two components - which were then to mixed on the plane immediately prior to detonation.

    I bet you this is how the story appeared. Nobody bothered to query this, except the ones looking for a convenient straw-man. Its an irrelevance - just synthesise nitroglycerin and smuggle it on the plane in a sports drink bottle or buy a commercial binary explosive.

  7. Anon, it is Police Anti-Terrorist Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke himself who seems to be suggesting that the bombs are of the type TATP, DADP or HMTD, in his statement which can be found at:


    I quote "I can also tell you that since 10th August we have found bomb making equipment. There are chemicals, including hydrogen peroxide, electrical components, documents and other items".

    Surely you are not suggesting that Clarke is "pulling the wool over our eyes", are you?

  8. Sadly there are people, who would not even accept the truth if it bit them! I told one of my non-Muslim friends that there is evidence that this whole fiasco was created to frame the poor guys, and she nearly bit my head off. She is adamant that "our government would not lie to us,"
    but I, on the other hand, have studied enough American history to know better. Unfortunately many people are content with ignorance.

  9. Wow, an OPPENHEIMER weighs in! Remember OPPENHEIMER, a name heavily weighted with knowledgable cachet about bombs and such. Americans don't remember exactly what an OPPENHEIMER was or did, but they know it echoes from the America The Good Era, so it must be A-okay. Brand-name trust, you know.

    And after the US government smeared itself with egg by hyping "terrorist arrests" that turned out to be ham-handed railroading of largely harmless individuals, it's MUCH better for the American populace that the next "terrorist threat" be announced by someone with a BRITISH accent.

    Or better yet, a SCOTLAND YARD BURR.

    Because Americans always believe something that comes with an English accent.

    (Or French, if we're talking couture and perfume--but never cars, sports, or politics.)

  10. And how much more of the 'WarOnTerrer' was also propaganda? The sheople just keep on swallowing it, too worried about paying their mortgage to be able to consider protesting... I wonder if the 'economic crisis' is also a carefully devised hoax?


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