15 August 2007

Global Crisis Research

I'm working on lots of stuff at the moment which will be getting out there soon enough. One of the most important is my fledgling think-tank, which is still in embryonic stage, and has been since 2001; but this year thanks primarily to two new colleagues, a new network of researchers, and a strong and growing academic advisory board, our think-tank is making some amazing progress.

I want to alert you all to the new website of the Institute for Policy Research & Development (IPRD), http://www.globalcrisis.org.uk. The Institute is something I've wanted to do seriously for a long time but haven't, and even not still don't, have the time or resources to do everything I want to do. But this is a project that isn't going to go away.

The IPRD is the first genuinely progressive, and fundamentally independent, think-tank in the UK. It is also the first and only think-tank in the world to adopt an integrally interdisciplinary approach to the study of overlapping global crises. And we'll probably be one of the few serious voices with both the expertise and the independence necessary to directly confront the agenda and expose the vested interests of the centres of power in the global imperial system.

So watch this space, and give us your support.

The website already contains a body of serious, tightly documented research contributed largely by members of our academic advisory board representing the scope and depth of our research agenda.

Please check it out, and spread the word. Over the next few months, we'll be working on, among other things, a number of reports on security issues; recruiting new staff, volunteers and researchers; developing our research programmes; and finally a prospective official launch event.

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