26 March 2013

Robi Chowdhury and the Muslim Youth Helpline

Last night, someone called Robi Chowdhury posted a blog purporting to "expose" me for calling him a "spineless, shameless twat" on Twitter, and associating him with the criminals who hacked and harassed my wife, Akeela Ahmed, out of her job as CEO of MYH. 

Chowdhury is a close associate of the criminals - former staff members of MYH (all of whom have been expunged from the charity) - who launched a sustained campaign of bullying and harassment against Akeela last year, due to a variety of reasons, among them, her role in protecting the charity's values of diversity (such as in the hiring of a non-Muslim). Chowdhury himself has also been expelled from the charity.

MYH, a charity that aims to provide emotional support to vulnerable young Muslims, was subjected to a series of criminal attacks last year, including multiple hackings of several senior staff, as well as public releases of the charity's emails and confidential information in April and May. Also included in that harassment campaign were obscene and threatening texts and phone calls to my wife, and to several other volunteers who worked at the charity. 

14 March 2013

Overcoming the Crisis of Civilization: Five Revolutions

Last November I did a talk at a seminar hosted by The Crisis Forum, at St Ethelburga's Centre for Peace and Reconciliation (Climate Change and Violence Workshop 7: Avoiding climate change violence: What is to be done?

I spoke not just about the latest state of the evidence on environmental and energy crises, along with their inherent interrelationships with food and economic crises; I also addressed the increasing problem of state militarisation as an inevitable outcome of the current, failed business-as-usual approach to dealing with these crises.

In the latter part of the talk, I spoke about the five tentative "revolutions" or "transformations" which are taking place in disparate parts of the world, albeit only in embryonic form, and the immense potential they hold for an alternative, sustainable civilizational paradigm. 

The talk was filmed, and recently put up on video. You can watch it here:

7 March 2013

Why food riots are the new normal - Guardian environment piece

I'm chuffed to announce that I published my first piece with The Guardian yesterday - 'Why food riots are likely to become the new normal', offering a big picture analysis of the global food crisis, its link to the rise of civil unrest, and its context in relation to the Crisis of Civilization (namely, converging energy, environmental and economic crises).

I'm also thrilled that the piece is currently the no. 1 most viewed on The Guardian Environment pages, already accumulating over 1,000 shares on facebook. 

Thank you for all your support in spreading the word and sharing my work - and helping to mainstream more holistic and systemic approaches to understanding global crises and solutions.

UPDATE: The piece has also been featured by Big Think (described as the YouTube of ideas) as one of their "big ideas".

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