29 April 2013

Big Oil, Burma and the Genocide Against the Rohingya: My new Guardian column on the environment blog network - Earth Insight

I'm absolutely delighted to announce that I've been contracted to The Guardian to write my own column, Earth Insight, on the newspaper's pioneering environment website. As you can imagine, this is pretty amazing and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to raise awareness of the key issues I write about to a mainstream audience.

The Guardian is the world's third most popular newspaper website, with a daily readership of 4.6 million people worldwide, and a readership base which just keeps getting larger every year (by about 13 per cent). So one could hardly wish for a better mainstream platform.

Via my Earth Insight column, I'll be doing exclusive reporting, muckraking commentary, and detailed transdisciplinary analysis, informed by my systemic and holistic approach to environmental security issues, to track the geopolitics of interconnected environmental, energy, and economic crises and their social consequences.

So bookmark that page and keep coming back!

My first article went up last Friday. I hope you find it useful:

South-east Asian country's untapped natural wealth is being opened up, regardless of the environmental and human costs

New evidence has emerged that the systematic violence against ethnic Rohingya in Burma - "described as genocidal by some experts" - is being actively supported by state agencies. But the violence's links to the country's ambitions to rapidly expand fossil fuel production, at massive cost to local populations and to the environment, have been largely overlooked.

2 April 2013

Uprising: The Struggle for the Global Commons

Published in the Spring 2013 edition of Strike! Magazine - a gutsy, innovative newsmagazine which you can buy for just 1 quid.

The last half decade has seen the persistence of social protests in various forms, including civil disobedience and mass demonstrations. From the Occupy movement across the Western world, to the Arab Spring in the Middle East and North Africa; from riots in European capitals, to the current protests in Cyprus: uprisings have become a regular feature of life.

With the world reeling under the impact of banking collapses, austerity, environmental crisis, energy woes and rocketing food prices, it's no wonder that people everywhere are rising up demanding change.

But at the heart of these disparate uprisings is a single global struggle - a struggle between the people and profit, for access to the planet's precious land, water, energy, raw materials and resources: a struggle for the global commons.

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