Nafeez has done media appearances in television and radio across the UK, US and Europe, and a fair bit of public speaking and lecturing which has also been recorded. Here's a sample of stuff that's available online:

BBC Newsnight, special programme 'Iraq 10 Years On' - Nafeez appears about 4 min 30 sec in to challenge the conventional wisdom

Interview with Stephen Sackur, BBC World News about the Crisis of Civilization (sorry no embed available)

Nafeez's TEDx Talk in Stockholm, 'From endless growth to a new form of democracy':

Interview with Abby Martin on her RT America show, 'Breaking the Set' about the Crisis of Civilization:

Talk by Nafeez deconstructing the 'war on terror' at American University in Washington DC for the flagship US public affairs broadcasting network, C-SPAN, Book TV:

An early, prescient lecture at Imperial College, 'The Hidden Holocaust' setting out the strands of Nafeez's work on tracking the history and evolution of the Crisis of Civilization and its environment, energy and economic components. Delivered in November 2007, Nafeez predicted a number of major world developments in this talk, including an imminent global banking collapse due to a housing crisis - an issue he had warned about over a year earlier:

As a British Muslim, Nafeez also engages extensively and critically with questions about Islamic theology and values. In this talk at Kings College, 'War: license to kill?', he offers a comprehensive deconstruction of regressive interpretations of Islam that endorse terrorism:

Here are a range of clips from Nafeez's testimony in U.S. Congress in 2005, as televised on C-SPAN. The testimony, which was formally entered into the Congressional Record, took place as part of a special Congressional briefing on Capitol Hill, 'The 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later: Did They Get It Right?'. The first clip starts off with Paul Thompson, followed by Nafeez, continuing into the second. The third clip captures a second phase of the testimony, starting with Peter Dale Scott and followed by Nafeez, continuing into the fourth:

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